Pet Care & Dog Grooming Palm Harbor FL

Compassionate Pet Medical Center Palm Harbor fl

Choose Tarpon Woods Pet Medical Center in Palm Harbor Fl to administer first-rate veterinary care in Palm Harbor, FL to your precious domestic animals and dog grooming in Palm Harbor, FL. We extend our services to all types of pets, from dogs and cats, to exotic ones, including birds and reptiles.


Worry less about finding complete avian care for your feathered friends. Our avian services include preventative health care, medical treatment, and laboratory testing for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, etc. Services include: 

• Comprehensive Physical Examination
• Nutrition Counseling
• Aviary Management
• Treatments for Feather Picking, Egg Binding, Regurgitation, Fractures, and Other Medical Concerns
• Laboratory Testing including X-Rays, DNA Sexing, Parasite Evaluation, Blood Work, and Viral Testing
• Grooming (Wing, Beak and Nail Trims)
• Counseling for Behavior Problems and Pet Bird Training

Yellow Bird - Domestic Animals


Extend the lifespan of your reptile pets and count on us to provide the proper care and treatment they need. Our reptile services include:

• Complete Physical Examinations
• Nutrition Counseling
• Husbandry Consultations
• Treatments for Mouth Rot, Pneumonia, Anorexia, Egg Binding, Intestinal Blockage, Mites/Ticks, and Other Medical Concerns
• Laboratory Testing including X-Rays, Parasite Testing, and Blood Work


Have your furry, four-legged companions looking clean and smelling good with our bathing services. Before proceeding with the baths, it is necessary that your pets are up-to-date on vaccines. We give your pets full body grooming that includes:

• Hypoallergenic Omega Shampoo Baths
• Ear Cleaning

• Anal Gland Expression
• Nail Trimming

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Contact Tarpon Woods Pet Medical Center Palm Harbor fl, to get exemplary pet care  or services like dog grooming in Palm Harbor FL for your beloved domestic animals.